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Morgan O
Morgan O
18:23 14 Mar 20
glory petrina
glory P.
04:13 08 Mar 20
Arden Turnbull
Arden T.
14:15 03 Mar 20
Felix Fantastic
Felix F.
00:55 18 Feb 20
Terry Radenbaugh
Terry R.
18:24 15 Feb 20
E Parnon
E P.
20:50 12 Feb 20
Friendly service and good basic coffees.
Bill Broughton
Bill B.
20:07 03 Feb 20
Alexandra McGuffin
Alexandra M.
19:42 18 Jan 20
Everything was just fine.
21:28 29 Dec 19
It's good
Mike Walsh
Mike W.
06:20 26 Dec 19
Willis Miller
Willis M.
20:29 22 Dec 19
jacob wachtel
jacob W.
17:43 07 Dec 19
Love this little hole in the wall.
Errin Keeling
Errin K.
06:56 20 Nov 19
I have become a Sunday regular as of recent weeks. The coffee is wonderful and the staff are always pleasant and more
Tonie Tuck
Tonie T.
02:01 13 Nov 19
21:41 23 Sep 19
Seth Walton
Seth W.
01:38 15 Sep 19
Kaylee Miller
Kaylee M.
18:08 30 Aug 19
I’ve never been here before but I’m from TikTok giving positive support 🥰 if I ever visit Portland I will definitely make time to check this place outread more
Alexander Weidler
Alexander W.
23:34 29 Aug 19
Neta :D
Neta :.
20:55 24 Aug 19
The barista was nice and efficient, and my friend’s and my drinks were really good. The strawberry/vanilla Italian soda, and the mango smoothie were really good. I definitely recommend. The atmosphere was also calm and it wasn’t too more
Polar Mind
Polar M.
12:16 24 Aug 19
Ada Ali
Ada A.
21:23 22 Aug 19
never been but i will go and i’m from tiktok
23:31 20 Aug 19
I came here from tik tok I am giving 5 star review to be nice ok bye
Em Horton Kenefsky
Em Horton K.
21:28 17 Aug 19
I like the atmosphere in here. Very urban and laid-back. The service was good and our drinks were really yummy! I had a mocha substitute coconut milk, and my daughter had a blended green tea with whipped cream. Yum!read more
Roxanne Lindgren
Roxanne L.
23:31 01 Aug 19
shevaun shaw
shevaun S.
18:50 27 Jul 19
Gal running her tail off as closest place to REI on Garage Sale. Wish I knew her name. She was awesome!read more
Ryan Heiselt
Ryan H.
22:41 08 Jul 19
Good food and great coffee.
Alex Kechik
Alex K.
22:46 20 Jun 19
Super chill environment, amazing coffee hazelnut late
j berry
j B.
05:51 12 Jun 19
Great service! Large selection of loose leaf tea served in big cups, a variety of coffee options, and some other drinks and snacks to make your visit with friends complete! Reasonable parking in the area, large windows, handicapable entrance. Definitely a welcoming atmosphere!read more
Jason Thomas
Jason T.
16:30 06 Jun 19
Jeff Aradine
Jeff A.
22:48 16 May 19
Dan Rhein
Dan R.
12:49 08 May 19
Had a fine latte.
Robert Morin
Robert M.
15:50 22 Apr 19
They close too early!
Avel Isupov
Avel I.
16:22 19 Apr 19
Found this coffee shop randomly. Alot of seating. Nice ambiance. Got a medium vanilla breve, a bit on the pricier side but way way worth it, really good. Definitely a nice place to drink coffee and chill for a more
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro L.
20:59 05 Apr 19
This coffee house is awesome. It's a good size with plenty of comfortable chairs, sofas, and tables. A previous review said there weren't enough electrical outlets but I found the opposite to be true: every table is close to at least two outlets. Plenty throughout the entire establishment, even by the sofas. The vibe is calm and pleasant, perfect for getting some work done or meeting up. And the owner Sam, is ridiculously laid back and helpful, as is the rest of the staff. Highly more
Aisling Conroy
Aisling C.
16:58 31 Mar 19
Melissa Tucker
Melissa T.
01:14 26 Mar 19
judith reynolds
judith R.
18:36 01 Mar 19
18:57 23 Feb 19
Amazing mocha Arancia with real orange peel. Yummmmmmmm.
Matthew Douglas
Matthew D.
01:57 23 Feb 19
Very quiet place. Good food & good coffee.
Wayne Anderson
Wayne A.
19:51 12 Feb 19
Great coffee and friendly service in a comfortable and beautiful old loft space.
Cape Able
Cape A.
23:25 01 Jan 19
Daniel Cristurean
Daniel C.
23:35 18 Dec 18
Nice place to sit down have a cup of coffee, pastry and do some work!!
Kathy Russo
Kathy R.
22:43 17 Dec 18
Keith Odom
Keith O.
00:38 10 Dec 18
Good place to sit and surf for hours, but electric plugs are rare and not near many tables. Serving staff are nice. They do better at coffee than more
John Wong
John W.
20:50 11 Nov 18
Excellent coffee at reasonable price.
Monica Kaiser
Monica K.
01:46 09 Nov 18
Amy Hamilton
Amy H.
00:40 31 Oct 18
Great latte
Brian Rob
Brian R.
17:44 17 Oct 18
Spacious, tables for a group and tables for more intimate one on one. Couches and well lit area. User and password for WiFi is printed off on a receipt for 2 hours, bathroom code included. Americano was a darker more
Josh Rosenbaum
Josh R.
19:01 16 Oct 18
Suzanne O'Toole
Suzanne O.
19:04 22 Sep 18
Best coffee in town and the best atmosphere for enjoying said coffee. Please, please, please don’t remove the comfy chairs and couches. It’s the best part of enjoying coffee here. Other shops removed their comfy furniture and that’s why so many of us have flocked to this place. If you absolutely must replace the distressed furniture, please buy equally comfy replacements. I truly love this place and hope it doesn’t change. Thank you for your more
Juan Arroyo
Juan A.
19:48 20 Sep 18
Amazing service and great sandwiches!!
James Pereira
James P.
21:15 18 Sep 18
Pretty good food when I was here last, in 2010. Decent coffee. Good space.
ryota suzuki
ryota S.
23:54 03 Sep 18
Quiet and wifi available, so you can get your work done. Wifi is 2hours.
Rem Smith
Rem S.
22:23 15 Aug 18
Christopher Bloom
Christopher B.
03:40 29 Jul 18
Whitney White
Whitney W.
20:57 17 Jul 18
Nice staff, nice place, decent coffee. Lots of seating and tables available.
Drew Didgeridoo
Drew D.
04:04 17 Jul 18
Michael Christenson
Michael C.
00:24 11 Jul 18
I really like this place, despite my not being a coffee drinker. It is quite informal and staff are quite friendly. There are a variety of things to eat for a quick breakfast. I especially like the breakfast sandwich which has several choices of ingredients. The only drawback for me is that it can be noisy at more
Cindi Duvall
Cindi D.
23:12 26 Jun 18
Very nice owner, great coffee!
Ron Ehlert
Ron E.
03:25 23 Jun 18
soriah V
soriah V
16:54 26 Apr 18
Comfortable yet sleek! Great cup of joe 🙂
Summer Brown
Summer B.
15:11 23 Apr 18
Great place to chill and get work done. The baritsa was super sweet 🌹
Travis Scott Lee Shappell
Travis Scott Lee S.
04:40 19 Apr 18
Wendy Gorton
Wendy G.
00:04 10 Apr 18
Super comfy place for good simple drip 🙂
Brian Hardebeck
Brian H.
17:49 20 Mar 18
Warm atmosphere. Great coffee, pastries. Excellent lunch sandwiches too.
Gregor Macdonald
Gregor M.
17:30 10 Mar 18
Very good brewed coffee. Owner roasts his own and makes his own mix.
Shawn Conn
Shawn C.
20:20 18 Feb 18
Korina Tsymbal
Korina T.
00:32 13 Feb 18
Delicious coffee and sandwiches. Perfect for studying or getting together with a group at the community table. Owners Sam and Nesrin are the best I’ve ever met and always provide excellent customer service:)read more
Nicole Hughes
Nicole H.
03:44 08 Feb 18
04:55 13 Jan 18
coffee was good
Alyssa Faden
Alyssa F.
14:21 03 Jan 18
Raul Felipe Cueto
Raul Felipe C.
17:59 27 Dec 17
Stan Ash
Stan A.
20:07 20 Dec 17
Nice place for coffee, tea and a quick meal. Friendly staff.
David McGowan
David M.
06:01 07 Dec 17
Great coffee and quiet comfortable atmosphere
Madhura Raju
Madhura R.
06:10 05 Oct 17
Dan Kolstad
Dan K.
17:55 30 Sep 17
Excellent customer service. Friendly, pleasant atmosphere. Quick to get your order to you. Excellent job girlsread more
Joseph L.
Joseph L.
04:24 26 Sep 17
Shannon Legg
Shannon L.
14:48 14 Sep 17
Angie Alkhal
Angie A.
19:43 01 Sep 17
Charles Maxey
Charles M.
09:47 19 Aug 17
Amazing coffee shop downtown that you can hang out in and read or work.
Dragan Milosevic
Dragan M.
17:19 11 Aug 17
Kristina Morozova
Kristina M.
02:21 25 Jul 17
Brent Mason
Brent M.
21:52 15 Jul 17
A nice place to relax.
Jennifer Heinlein
Jennifer H.
01:37 10 Jul 17
Wonderful coffee and staff!
Sarah Kirk
Sarah K.
02:35 20 Jun 17
Delicious decaf!
Lucky Crow Feather
Lucky Crow F.
19:20 18 Jun 17
Great coffee. Fresh made sandwiches to order. Free wifi. Password available at the register. Lots of outlets are more
Stephanie Fudge
Stephanie F.
14:53 31 May 17
Coffee is extremely nutty flavored. The music when I was in was on an upbeat Oldies station (The Beatles played), which wasn't quite the ambiance I wanted at 7:30 more
Gary Walter
Gary W.
16:47 09 May 17
This has always been a good place to hangout.
Alissa French
Alissa F.
22:04 30 Apr 17
Simple, friendly, very tasty. Had the tuna melt with swiss and the sauce was next level. Was pre cut for easy eating and was still warm and delicious an hour after I picked it more
Emily C. Oursler
Emily C. O.
22:29 01 Mar 17
Always love how quaint and dialed in this place is. Super yummy baked goods, but morevthan that the coffee is hands down some of the best. Nice staff...very welcoming and friendly. read more
05:15 08 Feb 17
Michelle Santorsola
Michelle S.
20:34 10 Nov 16
Adrian Livermore
Adrian L.
19:32 23 Oct 16
Nice old photos and cunning modern coffee. It's a coffee shop in Portland, what do you want?read more
Dan Lange
Dan L.
14:58 19 Oct 16
Rachael Clow
Rachael C.
05:31 13 Oct 16
Andrew Nelson
Andrew N.
02:16 09 Aug 16
Pretty good espresso ($2.50) and nice baristas. I especially liked all the comfy seating and magazines around. Free WiFi upon request, too. No complaints, other than I guess other places' coffee is cheaper at the same quality. I'll be backread more
Josh Hansen
Josh H.
22:27 26 Jul 16
Great sandwiches!
Paul Karmilowicz
Paul K.
17:03 19 May 16
Decently priced coffee. Relaxing atmosphere
Peter Sadovnik
Peter S.
03:25 17 May 16
(Translated by Google) Yummy. The place is good(Original)Вкусно. Место хорошееread more
Marie T Fisher
Marie T F.
01:41 26 Dec 15
Urban Grind is my favorite coffee house for when you plan to stay while and need to get some work done. The wi-fi is strong, the coffee is decent, and they offer a selection of breakfast (yay, egg sandwiches) and lunch items. This is a big space by cafe standards, as it occupies a corner, and there is a lot of seating from which to choose, including multiple comfy couches and chairs. Tip: the wi-fi code changes daily, so ask them to print a receipt for you with the password when you [place your order. The restroom code is 0420. read more
Thomas Wysocki
Thomas W.
18:17 23 Dec 15
One of the most comfortable, quiet and relaxing cafes around... anywhere. Great tasting coffee with a selection of milk options (such as hemp milk).read more
Michael Walker
Michael W.
05:00 25 Nov 15
John Parker
John P.
18:39 26 Jun 15
Dylan Dean
Dylan D.
22:19 26 Feb 15
A nice little coffee house with a calm atmosphere. I have enjoyed their coffee on 3 different occasions, which is fairly good if I do say so more
Craig Rowley
Craig R.
23:55 14 Feb 15
Great place to find a comfy chair and read while sippin a cuppa joe
Caryn Brooks
Caryn B.
17:47 23 Jan 15
Good atmosphere and most importantly, great coffee.
Marshall Alexander
Marshall A.
17:33 07 Dec 14
The owner is often here in the mornings on weekends, and it explains why the rest of the staff is great, starts at the top. The internet is one of the fastest ones around. They recently opened a vegetarian place a few doors up from this location and I am looking forward to trying it in the near more
Brad Marluke
Brad M.
19:44 10 Dec 13
Recently sold and under new management. Much cleaner and updated. I really like this place. read more
Michael V
Michael V
21:41 02 Nov 13
Jerry Hilts
Jerry H.
20:55 31 Aug 13
A decent coffee shop. The coffee is okay. The food is nothing special. Where Urban Grind really shines is as a place to get some hacking done. There are nice big tables, reliable wi-fi, and numerous power outlets. Coffee Shop Criteria - Coffee: B - Food: C - Service: A - Seating: B - WiFi: B - Outlets: Bread more
Oscar Rincones
Oscar R.
20:23 05 Oct 12
One of the best coffee places in town...friends all recommend it
Evan Davis
Evan D.
14:58 21 Sep 12
Had a bagel, schmear and setup shop to work for the morning. The wifi works and the ambiance is more
Jesse Keyes
Jesse K.
04:13 29 Dec 11
Service above the coffee for sure, but it is a great place in my work neighborhood providing lunch and breakfast options as well including paninis and breakfast sandwiches. If you're vegan, it's one of the only cafes in the area (of about 1 million) that has anything vegan available: muffins more
17:29 30 Jul 11
Cameron Mulder
Cameron M.
23:35 13 Jun 11
Great coffee shop. Wonderful place to work on projects.
Chris Stone
Chris S.
00:50 12 May 11
Standard local coffee
Bex Holzhouser
Bex H.
03:06 23 Feb 11
Great atmosphere and coffee...if you're in a hurry might want to pick another coffee shop, but if you want to sip down a great americano or cappuccino with great ambiance- this is your more
Shawn Michael
Shawn M.
00:43 17 Jan 11
marty martin
marty M.
08:16 13 Jan 11
Luai Zarour
Luai Z.
05:10 18 Nov 10

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